about IPOP

IPOP is a startup company that researches and develops 4th industrial technology.
We research and develop virtual reality training systems and drone technology.
We set up a company to commercialize the results of our university research.
So, we are working with professors, doctors, and master's researchers.
We have many patents for motion capture and drone systems, and we are using patents to commercialize them.

We are IPOP.

‌Greeting by CEO

Welcome to IPOP’s website.

IPop is a Korean company that creates innovative products that the world needs with ideas and new technologies.

Based on research experience and over 100 technology patents since 1997, we intend to lead the new market with convergence products, starting as a start-up company in Jeonju University in 2021.

The start of innovation that IPOP company is advancing is advanced technology in the fields of UAV, VR, and Smart Mobile Monitoring.

The first innovation is the 'Beyond Visual Line of Sight(BVLOS)' as the main axis, and it has technologies such as remote automatic flying drones, hydrogen drone, ground control system(GCS), mobile integrated control system, and drone station system with unmanned automatic charging and hangar function added.

Through this, it is being used in the fields of cultural heritage protection, river management, logistics and delivery, and agriculture. In the future, we would like to move on to UAM_PAV development.

The second innovation is the development of various hardware equipment that can be utilized in Virtual Reality(VR) and Metaverse content. 

Developed technologies and products such as haptic devices, motion sensors, full-body suits, motion tracking systems, and virtual mobile platforms. 
It can be used for various virtual reality contents such as performances, games, physical rehabilitation, and exploration.

IPOP will continue to do its best to disseminate technologies beneficial to nature and human through advanced technology R&D and business service advancement.

I would appreciate your continuous support and encouragement.

CEO Dr. Prof. KIM, Donghyun

Organization chart


V  R  T r a i n i n g  S y s t e m 

We develop a motion capture system.
Hybrid motion capture technology is completed based on inertial sensor and optical motion tracking technology.
And hybrid motion capture technology is being used as the core equipment of virtual reality training system.
Currently, our hybrid motion capture system is applied to the fire department's realistic training system.
And, it is applied to the realistic training system of the National Police Agency.
Our motion capture technology started with the AHRS technology of the navigation system used in unmanned aerial vehicles.
So it guarantees more precise and robust performance.

BVLOS D r o n e   S y s t e m

we develop drones and drone stations.
Our drone system guarantees a perfect level 5 autonomous flight, which completely eliminates human intervention and can operate.
The ground control system controls real-time flight information, video analysis, and special missions according to the operation schedule.
Our ground control system complies with the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic Management System (UTM) and controls multiple drones at the same time.
Our drone system is applied to the cultural property management platform of the Cultural Heritage Administration. In addition, we are working on projects in cooperation with a number of national organizations.


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BUSINESS MODEL - VR Training System 

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