We have a track record in various fields applied with hybrid motion capture system. In addition, we have the achievements of building a drone system.
‌We are pioneering markets with new technologies and creating new opportunities.

BVLOS Unmanned/Autonomous Drone System


Researching technologies for the future.
1st Technology: UAM
2nd Technology: 6G-Drone
3rd Technology: XR
4th Technology: metaBUS
5th Technology: Sensors and Telecommunications

Hybrid Motion Capture System


Studio CS is a motion capture studio operated by i-Pop Inc. and provides a hybrid motion capture system based on the XR motion capture system developed in-house.
We provide immersive experience solutions such as XR realistic training/experiential games/VR/AR and precision motion capture solutions such as animation/movie/performance.
It supports recording and utilizing motion capture data in various formats.